Michael presented to our psychology club during finals week, a stressful time for any college student. When he began the presentation, it was clear that he could sense the tone of the room and used his talk to help us refocus ourselves and learn to manage our stress at such a busy time. He opened it up into an interactive discussion which the entire club valued a lot. He told us, “I want to hear from you, not talk at you.” Many of the speakers for our club come with powerpoints or scripts, but Michael personalized his speech to fit what he knew we needed to hear and effectively help us learn from his experiences. I am grateful I had the opportunity to hear such valuable lessons from Michael and recommend him to speak for any classroom, work environment, or club.

My expertise includes audiences of...


- Prospective Special Education teachers
- Prospective Medical and Nursing Students

- Disability Sensitivity Training Workshops

- Self-Esteem & Anti-Bullying

- All Professionals who aspire to work alongside people with special needs

- Inspiring the Blind community

- To increase company morale, productivity and performance on an individual & collective level

                              FEATURED PRESENTATIONS

Be The Best Sport - Awards Dinner Honoree - Chateu Briand - October 2018


















- "Half-Time Howie" Cowrote a song with Ms. Senior NY Maureen Griffin, inspired by her reaction to seeing Michael speak - November 2018



2019 Foundation Fighting Blindness Dining in the Dark Spring Forward Fundraiser Speech by Michael Kalberer
March 2019

Please check out this piece I submitted and was published for the National Organization on Disability campaign to increase awareness of the professional ability that individuals with disabilities posses.

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