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Bio: Living My Life Without Limits

Michael Kalberer is a native Long Islander with Cerebral Palsy and lives with Leber congenital amaurosis (a retinal degenerative disease which slowly robbed him of usable sight).  Michael earned his BA in Psychology and Speech Communications from Hofstra University as well as his Master's degree in Social Work from Adelphi University. Michael has a passion to empower all individuals and embraces every opportunity to educate, inform and interact with family, friends, students and audiences. Anyone who's had the pleasure of knowing Michael acquires knowledge on how to enjoy life and transcend their limitations, while experiencing the unconditional support and friendship Michael

extends to all. Professional colleagues have expressed strong

endorsements of Michael’s ability to connect with them and his

audience “because everyone’s humanity matters”.  Mr. Kalberer

specializes in helping those who wish to sustain relationships

with him, reach their full potential. 

A New York State Licensed Social Worker, Michael has given

lectures on a multitude of topics such as stress and time

management, the transition to college life, and disability

etiquette.  These credentials allowed Michael to be proclaimed

by other as a communication etiquette specialist.  Mr. Kalberer’ s

expertise includes educating prospective special education

teachers and students on how to create classroom and social

environments which cultivates successful and fulfilling

experiences for all. Michael is now an instructor at

Hofstra University; in this role he assists future health care

professionals to enhance their communication with individuals

with disabilities and their families through a curriculum that continues to emphasize the human condition rather than limitations. Michael removes social stigma and continues to change the medical and societal definition of disability one student at a time.  Humanity brings us together and unites us more than any group of limitations segregates us. 

Michael appreciates the intrinsic value of sports and athletics as it pertains to removing socio-cultural barriers related to all types of "disabilities." He is a very successful tutor and professional mentor to his peers and colleagues, having all forty-seven of his tutoring students pass the Masters level New York State Licensure exam. 

Michael has appeared on national TV, speaking in an effort to end prejudice. This forum was hosted by Peter Jennings on WABC. He continues to motivate individuals in the student community to enjoy life and maximize their academic experience. Michael is integrally involved in the collective efforts of the Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center and the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Michael captures and inspires audiences to whom he speaks, through his use of humor and his authentic nature.

Get to know Michael personally by listening in to his guest appearance on That Real Blind Tech Show, hosted by his friends. Linked below!

2010 - present

2010 - present

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