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- Long Island Language Access Coalition - Panelist and Presenter to a diverse audience of licensed professionals where I taught communication etiquette and practical application technique to healthcare workers and students of inclusive education - June 2019

- Hofstra University Center for Entrepreneurship - "Hofstra University Healthcare Challenge" Panelist - May 2019


- Adelphi University School of Education: “Psychology of Change” Guest Lecturer - May 2019


- Vision Walk Kickoff for Foundation Fighting Blindness - Presenter to Gather Support and encourage fundraising efforts - Dylan's Candy Shop NYC - February 27th 2019


- Students for Multicultural Advancement and Research and Training (S.M.A.R.T.) - Doctoral Psych Students, Cultural Competence Workshop - LIU Post - February 20th 2019


- Stress Management Workshop and Finals Review for Psychology Club - Hofstra University - December 5th 2018


- The Significance of Entrepreneurship & Barriers to Success - Baruch College - February 13th 2019


- Presentation for Speech Pathology Students - Adelphi University - September 2018  


- Guest Lecturer for "Intro to Special Education" Class at Hofstra University May 2018


- Guest Lecturer for "Child with Special Needs" Adelphi University 2 Separate Classes - April 5th 2018


- Guest Lecturer for a series of four "Intro to Special Education" Classes on the Graduate and Undergraduate Level at Adelphi University in May 2018


- Epsilon Sigma Phi - Featured speaker for the "Dining in the Dark" Fundraiser to Generate Contributions and raise awareness for the treatment of retinal degenerative diseases


- Teammates For Life Presentation - Hosted by Michael Furigno and the Staff of  


- Guest Lecturer & Peer Teacher for Oral Communication Course @ Hofstra University - Feb 10th 2018


- Guest Lecturer - Adelphi University Special Education Class entitled "Child with Special Needs"

- Featured Presenter - Breaking Boundaries Student-Run Club Adelphi University 


- Featured Guest - "Half-Time Howie" LI Radio Program


- Panelist - Weinberg CP Center Columbia University Communication Etiquette 


- Three-Time featured Speaker - Foundation Fighting Blindness


- Guest Speaker - Middle College High School on Transitional Challenges and Time Management


- Master of Ceremonies  - 'What Better Looks Like' Annual Awards Gala

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